About Us

772Legit Athletic Performance Incorporated is located in the Treasure Coast area and was established by Ishmael. After years of discussions and brain storming, Ishmael wanted to develop a true performance base business built and designed for elite athletes as of 2015. Those brain storming sessions gradually morphed into what 2Legit AP is today. Having family members that coach for FSU, Texas A&M, and even Hall Of Famers at the University Of Miami, Ishmael has so many experiences in all walks of lifes in the sports world and has been around/worked for so many Elite Coaches and Elite Trainers. Mr. Ishmael stated:“… As Elite Position Trainers/Footwork and Movement Specialists we insure that every athlete body responds correctly. Mr. Ishmael stated:“… Being around guys like HOF Chris Carter and so many more its just a privileged to learn from some of the best! Him and his staff have worked with 10+ professional athletes in all sports and in many sports positions. He came up with the idea when he discovered the lack of athletes receiving full scholarships for education/sports and opportunities to graduate and excel to the pros in the Treasure Coast areas for over 28 years. Originally designed and developed only for Elite athletes and kids, Ishmael eventually decided to open the doors of 2Legit to adults ages 18-Up. 2legit is accessible to athletes from Brevard County all the way down to Palm Beach County. 2Legit Athletic Performance enhancement programs begins at age 5 and consistently runs at 90%- 95% capacity. We purposely keep our athlete acceptance level low to ensure results from every single athlete that joins the program, while other training businesses try to turn their programs into a cattle call to maximize their revenue at all costs. We have a different approach….we don’t focus on maximizing revenue, we focus on ACTUALLY GETTING THE ATHLETES AND CLIENTS BETTER THE 2LEGIT WAY!

Mr. Ishmael stated:“… I am just honored to be in a position to help these kids and have a positive influence in their life. We not only help them to develop the skills at 2Legit required to play in the higher levels, but to meet other College and Pro level athletes, the people that know just what it takes to get there…”

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