Our Point-Guard was mad when he walked through that door and saw all the work we had to do! In the end my boy D learned a lot and got better at the same time. His last name Savage and he’s a Savage on that COURT🏀! @l8show #striveforgreatness #allamericanseason #treasurecoastweneedmore


It got a little SLIPPERY today with our heavy slick gloves on/slick balls! Ball Control/Ball Handling is almost a MUST! #striveforgreatness 🏀@thereal_larrysanders


🏀Down n Dirty at 8:15am🏀Proud of these kids! They starting early/learning with a lot of ELITE INTENSE TRAINING. There is no other choice but to be GREAT! #brightfutures #wherescholarshipscomeintoplay #striveforgreatness


Did you say there was no school TODAY!?….No problem let’s get to work!🏀 #striveforgreatness #allamericanseason #wherescholarshipscomeintoplay @thereal_larrysanders


🏀ZONED IN🏀#striveforgreatness #wherescholarshipscomeintoplay


Thanks @nike for the Vapor Sparq Strobe Glasses. Working with our Point Guard🏀on processing speed, vocal response, eye movement, and observable behavior. (RT) is a must in any sport. As you can see the •Laser• was easy for him to focus is eye movement on. But when everything is combined together with the •Letters•, his (RT) was way off! When our athlete touch that court on game-day it’s always chaos/distractions on that court. His mind will be right when that time gets here. #striveforgreatness


30MPH distractions flying his way, that won’t stop him he still controlled the ball and stayed low. Locked in and Focused!🏀 #striveforgreatness


Dribbling is the Secret Lethal Method in Basketball🏀! Our athlete D gets it. It’s almost time to bump our levels up in training for all our athletes. Phase | has been accomplished! #striveforgreatness @thereal_larrysanders


Age 14 5’8 138 pounds “Center/PG🏀” All our athletes are versatile! •Committed to: {Vero Beach High-School}• She went in today using her jab crossover to change speed and use the ball screen. She kept tight to the ball screen to run her defender into it, then comes in behind the ball screen and makes a post entry pass into the post. Then she curls off the screen for a catch and shoot 3 point shot! When I say “WE WORKING” we are WORKING! #striveforgreatness #allamericanseason #treasurecoastweneedmore


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