After me and my boy KB had that talk after Training Session, it was only a matter of time! More work to do this Off-Season! #striveforgreatness #NFL #broncos @adidasfballus

Out here moving like his brother @k52mack_ My boy @iamlerache 6’1 215 pounds OLB Class of 2019. I swear when we touched this field today for workouts we had one thing on our MINDS….”getting better!” #striveforgreatness

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Our ⭐️⭐️⭐️3 Star LineBacker graduate of Vero Beach High School now committed to: Colorado State Division 1 Football team. We are so proud of this kid. The future is bright! @csuramsfb @csuathletics #striveforgreatness #wherescholarshipscomeintoplay

Our 6’6 320 pound Offensive Lineman commit was able to kick start that Trigger Foot! Once we got it going there was no stoping us! #striveforgreatness #wherescholarshipscomeintoplay

CRAFTING! @trevorparent
Age 16



175 Pounds
Next big prospect coming out of the Treasure Coast Committed to: {Martin County High School)🏈#striveforgreatness

We just WORKING! @jsimms1119 DENVER BRONCOS 🐎 #nfl #denverbroncos #striveforgreatness #wherecontractscomeintoplay

Our 6’1 (160 pounds) 8th grade Line-Backer tracking down the ball in mid air while adjusting his body weight diameter to a flying object🏈 BUNNIES🐰 This is kid is ready to help his team win at SLW Centennial High-School @cen10_football #striveforgreatness #brightfuture

When you at ESPN with the fellas @yeaimwatching @_showtime29 @jarradcdavis @kshaw81 @pjwilliams_25 @javien._ and @yeaimwatching giving you that extra motivation and push! #striveforgreatness

Isometrics are in the books.📚Another early morning GRIND with our athlete @iamlerache #striveforgreatness

You can’t teach SPEED, But one thing you can teach is TECHNIQUE. ⏱4.6⏱ Here we come 🏃🏾💨

@csuramsfb @csuathletics


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Mr. Cannon is under the LIGHTS and practice ready with his Fruity Pebble🍭 Cleats on! Quarter-Back🏈(PSL-Pirates) Youth Football #striveforgreatness #trainedtoplay

No talking, Just working @footballer_4_life_ #striveforgreatness #wherescholarshipscomeintoplay

We have never seen a 7 year old that just turnt 8 weigh in at 105 pounds and is 5’2 with a High-Motor. When you Train with us all this WORK makes you MAD, but when it’s game day take it all out on them and that’s exactly what he did. The kids played their hearts out in their last games of the season. The parents/coaches/staff have done a wonderful job with the youth around the Treasure Coast areas. Now it’s time to start planning to go back home ESPN/TomShaw to see our family! I know they can’t wait to hear the NEWS! #striveforgreatness @k52mack_ @mr_rockytop @tonetime10 @yeaimwatching @bruceirvin51 @3kingbibbs5 @jsimms1119 @1ofahkine @vinnywill98 @edgerrinjames

We out here with my boy @3kingbibbs5 •Super Bowl 50• Running Back for the Denver Broncos. I swear we got better today we wasn’t playing out here in this 90+Degrees heat! All quick twitching today. The faster I get Kapri to stick/move in tight spaces, the better he will be to break through that hole and make defenders miss! #striveforgreatness @jsimms1119

Working on releases today. We always teach our Wide Outs to have “violent hands” when releasing off the ball. You DB”zzz ain’t jamming our 9 year old Slot-Receiver off the line! He delivers his technique, skills and will give you that work every time he touches that field and that’s a fact! The kid is not named Mr.Shifty for nothing. We work to hard to let up. #striveforgreatness #treasurecoastweneedmore #allamericanseason @demaryiust88