Pro Soccer player KS @kathellensousa getting after it! Congrats on your National Team Invite and your accomplishments keep up the GREAT WORK! #StriveForGreatness


Thanks @sklz for everything you do for our athletes! #StriveForGreatness 🏆⚽️ #TrainWithTheBest


Gone head and move those little feet👣 KK! 6 years old and learning fast. ⚽️ #striveforgreatness


Our 2 ballers said “dribbling a tennis ball 🎾is the hardest thing ever.” Working with a smaller precise ball makes their dribbling skills 100x better so when it’s time for the real ball ⚽️ these 2 ballers dribbling mechanics will be 100% tuned in with their feet. These two kids should be prepared and ready by the time Golf Ball dribbling comes into play. #striveforgreatness #trainlikeapro


Our 3 Ballers⚽️ gave us that work today! We are equipping these 3 with some serious Tekkers! SlowFeet👣DontEat🍽-That rule applies to All Sports. These Ballers get it. #striveforgreatness @djkhaled


Fraqir, Alberto, and Jesus working together in Group Training⚽️. #striveforgreatness


From soccer⚽️ to football🏈, whatever sport it is we are here to make sure you reach your maximum potential! What a great day! #striveforgreatness #BeLegit


Just brothers having a little Brotherly Love⚽️❤️ Ohhh Howww Weee Lovvee Soccerrrr! #striveforgreatness


Congrats to my girl Jessica McDonald @jmac1422 on how hard she works day in and day out. Always motivating our soccer kids. #striveforgreatness


Our 2 Little Ballers⚽️ are at it again! #striveforgreatness


Keeping an eye out👀for players waiting for the BALL to come to them, so my boys can INTERCEPT it/create space and take advantage of those GOAL opportunities! Ohhh Howw Wee Lovee Soccerrr⚽️!#striveforgreatness


⚽️The Perez Brothers⚽️Ohhh Howw Wee Lovvee Soccerrr! #striveforgreatness #wherescholarshipscomeintoplay


All our athletes get GREAT treatment from Dr. Chris and his highly trained staff. Our athlete Saul Perez⚽️has checked in with staff. #striveforgreatness #BestDoctor




•Committed to: John Carroll HS•

•Class of 2019•

Our Starting Varsity Freshmen dont even know how much he has improved. The statistical map outs behind the scenes is where the answers come from. Rebounding/Headers got the best of our athlete today, but he wasn’t going home until he Adapted to his CRAFT! Ohhhh howww wee loveeee soccerrrr⚽️! #striveforgreatness @tonideion @jayspence3 @kaylynkyle @jamiafields @kaka @aubreybledsoe @jbalvin


Where do you find a 5’4 11 year old on a Saturday? Crafting on her Soccer Skills! Ohhhh Howww Wee Lovee Soccerrr⚽️! #striveforgreatness @tonideion @kaylynkyle


Age 11..5’4 104 pounds MidField/Forward Committed to: {Lincoln Park Academy-Soccer⚽️}. My athlete CW was focused and all in today! Her body control/faster feet got 10x better today. #striveforgreatness @dukewsoc


Our athlete Saul is starting to get the BIG picture⚽️. Keep working SP! #striveforgreatness


Age 14 5’7 100 pounds Mid-Field/Forward…{Committed to: John Carroll High-School⚽️} Elite Footwork mixed in today. As a Mid-Fielder that’s a Dual Position to have in soccer it also comes with a lot of versatility, but all our athletes are versatile so that’s no problem. But one thing we have to make sure is that, he’s equip with helping defend that back line when they need help. As a forward we evaluated that he can score goals, we just have to make sure his feet are quick enough to stop on a dime/change of direction to score quick! But hey “We still got a lot of work to do!” #striveforgreatness #allamericanseason #treasurecoastweneedmore #slowfeet👣donteat🍽 @tilleymane


Solving mathematics! My boy Saul is the only Freshmen on the ⚽️️Varsity team at his school with a lot of playing time. He deserved it! Oh how we love soccer⚽️ @jayspence3 @tonideion #striveforgreatness